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What can the internet do for you?

Find tools, software and services based on your specific requirements. Discover what the internet has to offer through our network of tags.

Digital Services


What type of application are you looking for? Application type indicates what type of functions the listed services provide.

  • e-mail service
  • file hosting
  • game
  • image editor
  • instant messaging
  • music streaming
  • news reader
  • office suite
  • password manager
  • social networking
  • task manager
  • web browser


Services, tools and software are grouped by category tags to find similary types of services, across different devices and types of applications.

  • business
  • children
  • communication
  • development
  • food
  • gaming
  • hardware
  • movies
  • music
  • news
  • photo
  • productivity
  • reference work
  • shopping
  • social
  • sports
  • travel
  • tv
  • video


To list only services available on a specific platform / operating system, filter on platform tags.

  • web
  • android
  • iphone
  • ipad
  • windows phone
  • windows
  • mac os x
  • linux
  • kindle
  • blackberry


Filter to find only services relevant for you, based on use cases, pricing etc.

  • private
  • startups
  • enterprise
  • free
  • freemium
  • subscription
  • commercial

Find by tags

Tag filtering is your way through the cloud of service, tools and software out there.

Example 1

You want a better way to follow news from various sources on your Android phone. Click the category news then reader and you will find a neat list of apps for this purpose. The most popular apps are listed first.

Example 2

You are looking for a tool to draw charts on your website. Click development then web development and then charts. You get a list of services offering this function. You can see which are free and platforms they support. The rest of the details can be found by clicking the service to go to its website.

And that’s it! Fast, simple, and you find exactly what you are looking for.



What is a service?

In Digital Services, a service is a product, tool or software available on a digital platform for private users or companies.

What is not a service?

Products that are not digital, or is promoted digitally but not made available to the customer on a digital platform, is not a service in Digital Services.

Example: A plumbing company promotes itself digitally, but all products / services they offer to the end user, provided / performed in person. This company’s website is not then a service for Digital Services. If the same plumbing company start selling pipework to customers through a digital store, this is a service that can be entered at Digital Services.

What should be entered as individual services?

Each standalone service that can be fully used by itself, is a separate service. If the same company offers several independent/stand alone services, they should be individual services at Digital Services.

Example: Gmail and Maps are two service although both are created by Google. The service and function is the focus, not the provider/manufacturer.

Input fields


A short, general, concrete description of what the service is offering their users.

Platform info and price info shall not be included in this description. It is entered as tags in other fields. Adjectives to describe the quality or similar shall not be included in this description.