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Month: June 2017

What is Digital Services?

What is Digital Services?

The term Digital service comes from the conjunction of two words Digital and Service. Whenever we come across the term digital, it means or has to do with computation or what we call information technology. A service, on the other hand, means an action or work that is done for the purpose of consumption. This type of help refers to any form of an intangible entity or an action that is offered on a platform of an electronic network of information technology. The platform is basically automated to perform a particular function in the provision of a particular assistance. Currently, all over the world, there is an increased rate of using IT with the widespread demand for the computers and advancement of the internet.

Why we need digital services

These amenities are important because they assist the producers as well as the consumers of the final in various ways; first, alphanumeric assistance like hosting of websites enables producers to market their goods to the consumer who will purchase them. Additionally, information technology creates a good relation between the customers and the business owners by offering customer care services via a digital platform. Furthermore, they also provide different kinds of help forms fast and convenient means of communication like through the internet and social media.

Different types of digital services

All over the internet, as you go through various websites, you will notice various sub-categories and groupings of the types of digital services. To pick just a few of them they include customer support, mobile phone and computer applications and also the business functions like delivering financial provisions to customers online via online banking. For maximum benefit, it is important to use the internet and research on digital services because all websites have a unique thing to offer about the topic.

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Guidelines for using Digital Services


When we come up with a set up that is basically automated, delivered with the internet as the tool for delivery or any other electronic network from information technology we call it a  digital service. In the current generation, almost all functions are either digitalized or in the process of being digitalized. Television networks, marketing of services, even employment is taking a digital platform currently. All this is because using information technology is more convenient to both the giver and the receiver. Furthermore, a digital platform provides a global access market for products and services.

Main guidelines for the use of the digital services

For us to use digital services appropriately, we need proper protocols to guide us. First, choose appropriately the kind of information technology function you need depending on the problem at

hand you want to solve, even if you are an escort from and want to start a business. Whenever we make a wrong decision, it makes the entire digitalization of tasks seem vague. After choosing appropriately, ensure that all postings made on behalf of an organization are approved by relevant authorities. This is to avoid the unnecessary hoax planned by people with malicious intent. In other words, manage security and privacy issues by employing necessary security models. Thirdly, use an updated technical standard to ensure a good customer experience. Lastly, ensure that that the information technology functions are easily accessible to both the providers and consumers with an easy content to understand written in a language that one may use to benefit his or her own self.

Limitations in using Digital Services

Cybercrimes continue to increase day by day and various security personnel are not fully equipped to deal with such problems. Furthermore, digital illiteracy has been a major hindrance while using digital services. Very few milestones have been achieved in digital literacy. So, prevention remains the main tool.


The logo representing the service.

Should if possible be an icon version of the service’s logo. It should at least have a resolution of 256 x 256 px (lower resolutions are also possible). The background should be transparent unless background color is part of the logo. It should not have rounded corners unless this is part of the permanent design.


Words or short phrases that is natural to associate with the service.

It is important that there is a specific relationship between the tags and content or features the services provides. Remember that words that are spelled differently in singular and plural may have different meanings. For example, a service that is a game, should be tagged with “game” to indicate this, while a site where you can play lots of small games should be tagged with “games”. Some tags provide indications on the topic of the service, others on specific features the service are offering.

Digital Services tries to keep the information on our website as up to date and accurate as possible. Information about services can also be entered by users. We assume no responsibility for possible errors in information presented.

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What can the internet do for you?

Find tools, software and services based on your specific requirements. Discover what the internet has to offer through our network of tags.

Digital Services


What type of application are you looking for? Application type indicates what type of functions the listed services provide.

  • e-mail service
  • file hosting
  • game
  • image editor
  • instant messaging
  • music streaming
  • news reader
  • office suite
  • password manager
  • social networking
  • task manager
  • web browser


Services, tools and software are grouped by category tags to find similary types of services, across different devices and types of applications.

  • business
  • children
  • communication
  • development
  • food
  • gaming
  • hardware
  • movies
  • music
  • news
  • photo
  • productivity
  • reference work
  • shopping
  • social
  • sports
  • travel
  • tv
  • video


To list only services available on a specific platform / operating system, filter on platform tags.

  • web
  • android
  • iphone
  • ipad
  • windows phone
  • windows
  • mac os x
  • linux
  • kindle
  • blackberry


Filter to find only services relevant for you, based on use cases, pricing etc.

  • private
  • startups
  • enterprise
  • free
  • freemium
  • subscription
  • commercial

Find by tags

Tag filtering is your way through the cloud of service, tools and software out there.

Example 1

You want a better way to follow news from various sources on your Android phone. Click the category news then reader and you will find a neat list of apps for this purpose. The most popular apps are listed first.

Example 2

You are looking for a tool to draw charts on your website. Click development then web development and then charts. You get a list of services offering this function. You can see which are free and platforms they support. The rest of the details can be found by clicking the service to go to its website.

And that’s it! Fast, simple, and you find exactly what you are looking for.



What is a service?

In Digital Services, a service is a product, tool or software available on a digital platform for private users or companies.

What is not a service?

Products that are not digital, or is promoted digitally but not made available to the customer on a digital platform, is not a service in Digital Services.

Example: A plumbing company promotes itself digitally, but all products / services they offer to the end user, provided / performed in person. This company’s website is not then a service for Digital Services. If the same plumbing company start selling pipework to customers through a digital store, this is a service that can be entered at Digital Services.

What should be entered as individual services?

Each standalone service that can be fully used by itself, is a separate service. If the same company offers several independent/stand alone services, they should be individual services at Digital Services.

Example: Gmail and Maps are two service although both are created by Google. The service and function is the focus, not the provider/manufacturer.

Input fields


A short, general, concrete description of what the service is offering their users.

Platform info and price info shall not be included in this description. It is entered as tags in other fields. Adjectives to describe the quality or similar shall not be included in this description.

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